Maritime Education & Training Capacity Building: Erasmus+ Objectives

The Erasmus+ MET teams from Finland, Germany, UK & South Africa (Feb 2019)


Maritime Education & Training

The primary goal of the Erasmus+ capacity building project in Maritime Education and Training (MET) that is currently taking place between the six participating maritime universities is to develop systems processes to aid the development of Maritime Education & Training.

The aims of the project are to foster dialog in order to enhance the following objectives within the various institutions:

(1) The development of the respective MET curricula, (2) enhancements in pedagogical processes, and (3) to develop facilities and resources in order to deliver a quality education. 

The objective is to develop clear mapping of the focus areas that each institution needs to modify in order to have a recognised curriculum amongst the six institutions. The institutions agreed to collaborate on the development of curricula, so that students from South African maritime universities could gain access to further education with the participating partners, and to equate the standards between South Africa and our European partners.

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