Durban University of Technology (Durban)

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Maritime Education and Training in Durban

The vision of the Department of Maritime Studies is to be at the forefront of maritime education and training in South Africa.

DUT’s mission is to (1) educatethrough student centeredness, general education and the attainment of graduate attributes, (2) to develop post graduate qualifications to meet the demands of South Africa’s Blue Economy, and (3) to engage with maritime communities; nationally and internationally.

Currently, DUT is the only university in the country offering an undergraduate diploma that caters for the shore-based industry services as well as the Marine Engineering component of the National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. The Diploma offered by the University allows students to either pursue a sea-going career as navigating officers or a shore based one.

(Source: Durban University of Technology website)

History of MET in Durban

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