Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth)

NMMU Campus

Maritime Education and Training in Port Elizabeth

Nelson Mandela University recognizes the need to harness the potential of the oceans to support socio-economic growth for South Africa and the African continent, and has identified expansion of its marine and maritime capabilities as a key future development trajectory. 

As a coastal university, located in one of the world’s only cities with two ports, Nelson Mandela University has a long history of involvement in marine and maritime studies. The education, skills and research needs to support development of the maritime sector are diverse and cut across disciplines. The University is currently working to plot institutional strategic and academic directions towards developing and integrating its current and emerging strengths in this arena.

Nelson Mandela University signed a memorandum of understanding with the World Maritime University in Sweden in mid-2014, which provides access to a skilled international partner and a global network of maritime expertise to support growth in marine and maritime teaching, learning and research.

The University has ensured that the South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) has premises that allow for co-location with partner organisations in order to strengthen synergies, and that become a future institutional hub for maritime and marine education, training, research and innovation.


History of MET in Port Elizabeth

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