CPUT - Simulation

CPUT Erasmus+ contact: Captain Natasha Fowkes    MontesS@cput.ac.za

Desktop Simulation Classroom Equipment Procurement

BEFORE: In anticipation of the arrival of Navigation and Engineering simulation equipment that is to be ordered for the Granger Bay campus, the bridge  area is in the process of being renovated. The venue is being converted from being a place to offer short courses, to one that will be incorporated into the mainstream degree program starting 2020.

WORK IN PROGRESS: The existing GMDSS simulation stations have been relocated and the area prepared for desktop simulation of ECDIS, Radar & Visual navigation stations. These simulation stations will double to incorporate the existing TRANSAS simulation software for the engineering programme.

The plan is to install the desktop simulation equipment procured in the latter part of 2019, early 2020..

Bridge Area Simulation Equipment Procurement

BEFORE: The individual bridge simulation rooms (x4) are in the process of having the relocated GMDSS stations installed, as well as 55” monitors installed for the visual component. It is envisaged that the students learn on the desktop simulation stations first before progressing to the Bridge room simulation stations for exercise and evaluation purposes. 

IN PROGRESS: The plan is to complete the installation of the bridge rooms simulation equipment that has been procured in the latter part of 2019, early 2020.